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Protect humankind against long-lasting enemies


The Order: 1886 is an Action Adventure release developed by Ready at Dawn for the Sony PlayStation 4 system. The game will trace the history of a mysterious knight order who keeps the peace by fighting against all kinds of supernatural and half-breed creatures, which are half human and half animal. The game promises to keep high action doses as well as some exploration events that vary with the situation.

In this uchronia, we find a secret knight order, which protects humankind against the half-breeds, during the 19th Century. These centuries-old knights come straight from the Arthurian Age and are strangely long lived thanks to the effects of the so-called Black Water that grants improved healing skills and drastically slows down aging. In 1886, we see a new social revolution where the lower classes rise up against the rich and powerful after a great Industrial Revolution.

The in-game graphic quality is demonstrated on the next-gen console level

In the graphic design, The Order: 1886 offers a steampunk style, with a new version of Victorian-age London. The different settings are usually crowded with elements and people of the city except for those areas infested by foes, avoided by normal people. The in-game graphic quality is demonstrated on the next-gen console level, with highly detailed characters and environments.

Vivid and dark steampunk London
Vivid and dark steampunk London

Game details

The gameplay this release offers is Third-Person Action-adventure. Playing as Galahad, one of the knights from the Order, you will have access to a great exotic arsenal of alternative weapons from that Age. The use of electricity turns some of the weapons in to lightning rifles or even high-class technology wireless communication. These kinds of weapons will grant you a powerful way for fighting against the half-breeds, whose strength and resistance are much higher than the humans.

According to Ready at Dawn, the game is not a continuous shooter, letting the players investigate the settings, learning more about this alternate world in which this different King Arthur’s Round Table Knights Order live. Although the characters have a longer life than usual, they are not immortal, so taking heavy damage can destroy them as normal people are. This is important for the plot and the gameplay of the game; for since they are still humans they almost lack human feelings, yet can act almost like vigilantes, protecting fair people against the unknown threats that surround them.

Settings are almost fully destroyable
Settings are almost fully destroyable

The Order: 1886 Full Version Features

Check the list of features for The Order: 1886 release:

  • Third-Person Action-Adventure gameplay, influenced by some of the most successful titles of the past generation, claims the revival of the genre
  • Interactive settings, being almost fully destroyable using your weaponry and blasting away elements
  • Alternative technology with steampunk elements that will impress the players with imaginative lightning weapons and explosive grenades with multiple uses
  • New IP from former members of Naughty Dog and Blizzard entertainment for the Sony PlayStation next generation console
  • Impressive in-game graphic detail with special attention to facial recreation and a new skin shading technology

If you want to know more information about The Order: 1886, check its developers' site.

System Requirements

Here is the list of platforms in which The Order: 1886 is released:

  • Platforms: Sony PlayStation 4